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Aktiv is the latest design to come from Salem, Oregon-based Ideabox, who produces a wide range of compact and smart prefab homes. The one bedroom, one bath prefab is roughly 750 sq ft and places a strong focus on smart and efficient design. Working with Ikea Portland, Ideabox designed Aktiv to work perfectly with Ikea kitchens, cabinets, sinks, appliances, lighting, flooring and furnishings. This home is obviously perfect for those already addicted to the clean Swedish stylings of Ikea, but is also specifically geared towards those in the Pacific Northwest.

Each Ideabox features energy and resource efficient design as a way to lower impact and save money. The exterior features fiber cement and corrugated metal siding, a standing seam metal roof, and conditioned storage space. Inside, the large kitchen fits in the same room as the dining room and living room. Next to that is a generous living room with bathroom at the end outfitted with a laundry. All appliances and fixtures are energy and or water efficient and the compact home has a small footprint.

Ideabox is showcasing their latest home at the Portland Home & Garden Show from Feb 22-26th at the Portland Expo Center.

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