Sensgreen’s new air quality sensor from VENN IDC is a wall sensor similar to a carbon monoxide detector. It senses when a room is over-heated, over-cooled or needs better ventilation. The sensor system also helps homeowners keep their space well ventilated while minimizing energy waste created by HVAC systems.

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Sensgreen Air Quality sensor shaped like a pointed box comes in grey and green

It started with a pilot program run in 54 buildings and seven countries, including 12 shopping malls, 10 offices and 32 other buildings. During 2021, 16,900 alarms alerted users to prevent 3,525 overheating events, 3,560 overcooling events and 1,890 under-ventilation situations. 

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The side of the Sensgreen has a glowing green indicator

As a result, it is now in the fundraising stage. Meanwhile, the VENN design team collaborates with Sensgreen to develop the hardware for the final sensor. VENN is the creator of other sustainability products, including the EvrekaCore Smart Waste Management System, technology that helps manage waste pickup truck routes. They are also the creator of the Milvus SEIT Series, an autonomous robot for materials handling.

Details of the Sensgreen

Moreover, what sets the air quality sensor apart is the use of advanced sensors and artificial intelligence. Sensgreen is an IoT (Internet of Things) company that designs sensor-embedded hardware products in the HVAC industry. Wireless sensors and AI help the Air Quality Sensor manage the large amount of energy waste produced by commercial HVAC systems.

A white Sensgreen mounted on a wall with a plant in front of it

Furthermore, Sensgreen developed algorithms to analyze indoor air quality variables and warn about potential problems. This technology can improve ambient conditions up to 30% and energy savings of 15%. On the other hand, it maintains a building to have comfortable conditions.

A white Sensgreen mounted on a white wall

LED lights on the front of the device alert users to problems. The identifiable alert signals makes the product easy to use. The sensor can be mounted to the wall with nails or double-sided tape. This makes it adaptable to different building configurations and materials.

+ Sensgreen and Venn IDC

Images via Sensgreen and Venn IDC