105 Villiers, Shaun Lockyear Architects, Australia, renovation, Queensland

The greenest home is the one that’s already standing, and the owners of 105 Villiers made sure to preserve the existing building while transforming it into a much more modern and luxurious home. The house sits on what the architects describe as a “heavily constrained inner-city site” in Queensland, Australia. To deal with those constraints, the designers at Shaun Lockyear Architects turned the home inward, making the back yard the focal point. They opened up the interior space with an open floor plan and high ceilings, giving the home a breezy, natural flow.

The entire back of the home opens up to the back yard, which features a small swimming pool, making it feel like the patio and yard are another room in the home. And they created lightwells to bring plenty of natural light into the home. The architects built large screens over the lightwells, to prevent the home from overheating in the summer.

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