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Made by the son of Andy Warhol’s “Silver Clouds” fabricator, the oversized Mylar balloons were inflated, then packed closely together inside of a courtyard. The grouping created a somewhat dense canopy of balloons, which emulated the surrounding tree canopy. Tethered with thick green cords, the balloons floated above curved white benches, where guests could wander through, or take a rest on the benches and gaze up at the silver artificial ceiling.

Being buoyant in the air,the canopywas in a constant state of flux. Wind caused it to either bob around pleasantly, like the party below, or moved the entire canopy from one side to another. The time of day also changed the effect and mood of the pavilion. Varying sunlight transformed the canopy from glowing and reflective to a form with its own light source. In the morning, the feel is warm, with the reflection of the orange sunrise. At night, the canopy takes on a darkness, reflecting only ambient lighting.

The pavilion also has very little environmental impact – once deflated, the entire thing can fold into practically nothing, requiring just the cords to be wound on a spool. But Instant Untitled isn’t just environmentally friendly, it also pays homage to the tree canopy it emulates. By choosing reflective silver, the balloons amplify the surrounding foliage, contorting and twisting their reflection into a myriad of greens mixed with the blue of sky, a changing kaleidoscope above visitors’ heads.

MOS transformed a courtyard beautifully with only three simple elements, balloons, ropes and benches. They successfully proved that design innovation can also be extremely simple.

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