In case you couldn’t get enough shipping container architecture today, LOT-EK recently unveiled plans for an art school built from eight shipping containers in Korea. Situated along the river’s edge, the APAP Open Art School in Anyang, Korea will serve as an art school and exhibition space along a popular pedestrian crossway and recreational area. Construction is set to be completed later this month.

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The Open Art School is composed of eight shipping containers set together in a chevron sort of pattern. Sited on a sloping hill near a river, the container structure is built up on stilts, with an amphitheater below it and a staircase leading down towards the water. One of the containers is cut and bent towards the ground and acts as the staircase that provides access to the building. The ends of the containers are sliced off and large windows are installed to bring in light.

Inside, the space serves multiple functions – one large open space serves as a meeting and assembly hall and there is an exhibition space, a work space for Open School researchers, and two studios for the artists. The third level and deck space, which resembles a diving board, is accessed via another tilted container with a staircase leading up for views of the surrounding area and a place for social interaction. The art center project will be painted school bus yellow with black accents and should be very noticeable from the surrounding recreational area.