Inflatable, recyclable, and super cute, Shira Keret’s Animal Lamps are shaped like your favourite bird or mammal. Based in Tel Aviv, Keret creates sweet luminaires from Tyvek that emit a soft twinkling glow. Chickens, elephants, rabbits and even a rhino were carefully constructed from the non-woven white material, which was developed by Dupont back in 1955 and is frequently used for envelopes.

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Keret’s animal lights look healthy and well fed. The secret behind it is a recycled PC fan that inflates them when litted and magically makes them look nicely round. A graduate from Bezalel Art and Design Academy in Jerusalem, Keret is part of Four’n’Five, a group of talented young designers that work from Tel Aviv’s Jaffa port.

+ Shira Keret

Photo © Shira Keret