If last week’s Transportation Tuesday article on the world’s smallest solar vehicle wasn’t your cup of tea (after all solar is so last year), then hopefully this week’s entry will be more to your taste. The Hydrocar is a pint-sized vehicle that is powered entirely by a hydrogen fuel cell. It would make an excellent office racer or a fun educational vehicle for children – check out it’s kid-friendly angle over at inhabitots!

Smart Toy Hydrocar at Inhabitots >

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Scheduled for release in early 2009, the Hydrocar by Horizon Technologies is powered by a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell. To make it work just pour water into the fuel cell, which is hooked up to a solar panel. The energy from the solar panel transforms the water into hydrogen and oxygen which in turn power the tiny vehicle’s fuel cell.

This isn’t a first for Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies; previously they wowed us with the H-racer. But we can’t help ourselves – not only is it a cool gadget, it also makes a great learning tool for children.

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