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Simpatico Homes is based on a prefab system whereby clients can create a semi-custom home by combining pre-designed modular units. The prototype is a 2-story, 3 bedroom home on a narrow urban infill lot in Emeryville. The prefab was built in San Jose by Eco Offsite and makes use of a panelized construction system. Simpatico Homes are expected to cost around $150 per square foot to build and take about 6 months to complete.

The home includes an all-electric net zero energy design, hydronic radiant heating, 6.2 kw solar panel array, living green roof and rainwater catchment system. The residence was designed to achieve a LEED Platinum for Homes rating and actually sells energy back to the grid as a result of the 30 panel solar system. Energy conservation is achieved with the help of an electric heat pump, passive solar architecture, and extremely efficient fixtures and appliances. This gorgeous prototype also happens to belong to Seth Krubiner, founder of Simpatico Homes.

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Images ©Kate Carboneau/Russell Abraham