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After nearly one decade of additions and renovations, it seems the Cloud House in Melbourne has finally reached its happy zenith. After passing through the conventional Edwardian threshold, visitors are greeted by a rather bold floral carpet that livens up white interior walls. Further on, they’ll find a floating red box in the center of the house, which is actually the new kitchen.

Beyond that, the home spills out into a series of wooden slats that are laid to make the floors, walls and ceiling virtually indistinguishable from one another, giving it just the right fluidity necessary to pull off the unusual cloud-shaped living area. Extending right out into the outdoors and permitting just enough northern sun to let in light without too much solar gain and facilitating cross-ventilation, this south-facing extrusion turns a dour relic into a playful home that is great for socializing.

+ McBride Charles Ryan

Via Contemporist

photography by John Gollings