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“Skitchen” is the follow-up to his kitschy retro series using cassette tapes reimagined as new objects, including a hamburger and a Christmas tree. Just as imaginative and arguably more comical, the skateboarding fruits and vegetables in the new series give us a little glimpse into what life in the pantry is like when the cooks have all left the kitchen. In Jammes’ fantasy brought to life through these photos, the veggies take to their decks and ride, showing off their insane tricks and one-upping each other with jumps and grinds.

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Jammes’ skate series combines almost-typical kitchen scenes with his gnarly sense of humor. His board-riding fruit and vegetable buddies get big air from a faucet ramp and use a glass jar as a half pipe. You’ll see an egg doing a dangerous 50-50 grind on the edge of a pot of boiling water. There is even a tomato who suffered a wicked bail, leaving seeds and juice across the kitchen counter. After you see these skateboarding foods, you’ll never look at a banana the same way again.

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