The Danish firm Valbaek Borup Architects has brought to market this fresh prefab home that perfectly balances contemporary design with eco-friendly features. The white-clad home displays classic Danish restraint in its design but takes a very modern approach to energy efficiency. Outfitted with solar-thermal panels and a wonderful living roof and deck, this elegant home is a strong example of the potential of sustainable prefab housing.

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The system is scalable, so you can start off with a single unit and go from there to create a more expansive interior. Finishes are also customizable — if white is not your thing. The home emphasizes the use of solar energy — large windows allow for ample daylight and passive solar heating, as well as a solar-boosted hydronic heating. The architects stress proper orientation to reduce the home’s energy load. The exterior window shades are a nice touch, as is the very open floor plan and the home’s flexible design options. The house is also certified by the Danish Ecolabel Agency, ensuring third-party certification of the project’s environmental claims of low-toxicity construction materials.

+ Valbaek Borup Architects

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