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Snøhetta, renovated, Hudøy Cabin, Norway, corrugated polycarbonate, recycled wood, green renovation

When the Snøhetta studio arrived on Hudøy Island, the old wooden cabin was about to be torn down. Even though only the wooden framework and old doors were left standing, the architects decided to renovate what was left, adapting it to suit its new function. The new Hudøy Cabin can now be used by some of the 1,300 children visiting the island during the summer holiday season.

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To build the inspiring dormitory, the architects wrapped the structure with waterproof, corrugated polycarbonate sheets and installed wooden boards at a 45-degree angle to the wall. This gives some privacy to the interiors and allows natural light to filter in, especially during the morning and evening, and creates shade during the hottest part of the day. Inside the structure, there is a climbing wooden structure with colorful bunk beds, a social area and a mezzanine loft, all made possible by a thoughtful adaptation to its new function.

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Photos by Snøhetta