SoBi, created and founded by Ryan Rzepecki, is an affordable bike sharing system that makes it easy to rent a bike when you need it and doesn’t require dedicated docking stations or other infrastructure. SoBi bikes are fitted with with on-board computers, mobile communication systems, and GPS so that they can be easily located and reserved. Energy is gathered and stored as you pedal to power these systems, and when the bike is at rest, the solar panel on the top provides additional power.

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Imagine this: You’re planning on going somewhere, but you automatically start thinking of the pros and cons of public transportation – if only you had a bike that you didn’t have to carry and worry about later.  You open up SoBi’s app on your mobile, find a bike nearby, select it and reserve it.  You then have 15 minutes to get to the bike, and once there you enter your confirmation code into the keypad to unlock it.

The U-shaped lock bar not only locks and unlocks but also activates the GPS.  When you arrive at your destination, you can park it at another bike hub and reserve it for another 15 minutes or return it for another social cyclist to use. Find out more about SoBi creator Ryan Rzepecki and his team and join other social cyclists at SoBi‘s website.

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