Dutch designer Damian O’Sullivan, has found a way to bring sunlight indoors with his Solar Lampion. The ingenuous lamp is composed of 36 standard-sized solar cells that collect sunlight during the day, and then shine at night. What we love about the Solar Lampion is that through simple geometric arrangement, it manages to transform something that is usually so bulky and ugly (solar panels) into a charming sculptural object. The fact that it is practical and energy efficient only makes it that much better. While it’s durable enough to keep outside – the Solar Lampion is so cute that we think you’ll want to bring it indoors to light up your summer nights.

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After graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, Damian O’Sulllivan found himself working for Philips alongside their Advanced Design Team. In 1998 he opened his own office, allowing greater freedom and exploration of his love for creativity. The mission of his office is ��to provide fresh and original work that reach beyond the pale and the predictable.�

Via Treehugger via Mocoloco

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