Michael Jantzen’sexperimental designs are a fascinating amalgamation of art, architecture, and environmental sustainability. The visionary architect’s design for the Solar Wind Pavilion is no exception. Planned for the California State University at Fullerton, the Solar Wind Pavilion is an impressive integration of wind power generation, solar energy, and rainwater harvesting, all combined into a gathering place for students and faculty for special events, studies, relaxation and meditation.

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The proposed structure will be built using lightweight, high strength, composite concrete. The canopy roof would be covered with frosted glass shaded by a series of concentric louvered rings, and a large digital projection display screen would be placed at the center of the canopy roof. The pavilion could accommodate a gathering of 300 people.

The pavilion harvests energy from the natural environment which could be used to power the university. A vertical axis wind turbine mounted atop the structure would convert wind energy into electrical energy; it could be used directly or stored in batteries, placed at the base of the pavilion, for future use. Photovoltaic cells, arranged in four large rings mounted at four concentric shade louvers, would also harness solar energy to produce electricity, while the canopy roof would collect rainwater.

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