Since the hottest months of the year are also the sunniest – the idea of using solar energy to power your air-conditioner makes perfect sense. In fact we’re frankly amazed that its taken so long to develop such an obviously good idea: SolCool’s super smartMillennia air-conditioner uses solar power to cool you down during the height of summer steaminess – cleverly making use of the summer heat instead of blindly fighting it. In fact, Inhabitat HQ could really use one of these right about now…

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The basic SolCool system has the same output capacity to a two ton air conditioning system but uses 85% less energy than equivalent high efficiency air conditioners; and the dual battery/solar powered system enables the unit to run 24 hours a day, even during the most overcast of days or when blackouts occur.

One of the most unique attributes of the Millennia 4.0 is that it’s powered on a direct current (DC) which allows for the most efficient use of solar energy. The use of DC also allows the Millennia 4.0 to have integrated attachments such as water purification systems, lights, and even ceiling fans. The latest version can also heat a room. All of which SolCool believes will help make-up for the $20,000 to $40,000 cost (before subsidies) of installing solar panels on the average household’s roof. SolCool’s unit is a way of stepping into the solar powered world without committing all at once, by integrating solar power efficiently for smaller applications.

For those who have the means to afford more lavish accommodations and are interested in SolCool’s Millennia 4.0 system, have no fear; the entire unit can be sized or used in combination and/or zones to fulfill up to 10 ton air conditioning requirements.

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