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The Nolitan Hotel

Located at the corner of Elizabeth and Kenmare Streets, the bifurcated building has an eastern and western volume that reflects the neighborhood’s scale. The eastern portion features a puzzle-like composition of channel glass and black terra-cotta and the western mass features point-supported, glass-fronted balconies surrounded by exposed concrete and wood paneling. In total, there is 3,310 square feet of exterior, double-glazed, vertical channel glass, with insulating glass units. Certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council, the channel glass is low-iron solar P26/60/7. This low iron glass avoids the melancholic effect of the greenish cast northern light and instead fortifies the daylight for a cheerful effect. The interior is filled with bright natural light without compromising privacy.

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The volumes are united by the same material palette and fused at grade with a contiguous ground floor that is open and inviting to the public. The materials for the entire hotel are elemental rather than being just a surface treatment, crafting a warm and cozy, yet sophisticated vibe. With use and age, the finishes will develop a patina that will tell a rich and beautiful story of the building.

Inside, Grzywinski+Pons carried in the same philosophy and some of the same materials as the exterior. The spaces are finished with all authentic finishes that bring out unique textures and characteristics: oak floors, exposed concrete, ceramic tile, leather, felt, blackened steel. Completed with a sunken restaurant and open public lobby, the ground floor ties in the two volumes and is a direct unfettered connection to the trendy NoLiTa neighborhood.

+ Grzywinski+Pons Ltd

Photography: © Floto + Warner/OTTO