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Morgan built the Dune House in the ’70s right next to this own home as a rental property. The site was characterized by a natural dune created by Hurricane Dora in 1964, and while Morgan wanted to develop it, he realized he would miss looking out at it if it were gone. His solution was to retain the dune itself and build inside of it instead of on top of it. Thus the Dune House was born.

The dwelling has a truly distinctive look that has garnered it a lot of attention. The front is a grassy mound that tapers off into the symmetrical wings of the house. From the back, the home looks something like a giant frog face, with two wide “eyes” (they’re actually windows) set within a green bump. In addition to giving the Dune House its playful demeanor, the grass and dirt insulate the home naturally, saving on heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The Dune House is actually split into two separate apartments (since it was originally a rental property), which, as you can see from the photos, are nearly mirror images of one another. Each apartment home can be accessed from the street level, which has a cozy sleeping loft overlooking the living room, as well as an accompanying bathroom. Downstairs, there is a mod-style conversation pit with a built-in sofa that has a million dollar view of the ocean – or a$1.4 million view, we should say.

+ William Morgan Architects