Living in the city definitely has a lower environmental footprint, but families often miss out on having a backyard and a garden. The Spiral Tower, designed by Philipp von Bock, is a family friendly eco tower designed for Berlin. Apartments are stacked in opposite directions in a criss-cross pattern, leaving open spaces for garden terraces. This creative design allows each apartment to have its own private garden terrace, allowing families to have both the suburbs and the city.

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A structural band criss-crosses up the length of the tower, narrowing as it reaches the top. Each level is shaped as an X and the remaining void is left for open space, with a larger community garden at the bottom of the void and individual balconies on each level. Pathways line the exterior of the garden terraces, just like a suburban sidewalk edges a home’s front yard. These pathways allow for neighborhood interaction, which is much more difficult in a traditional apartment tower, when each apartment is closed off from the others.

Designed specifically with Berlin in mind, The Spiral Tower aims to provide a green community in the middle of a city for families who want the best of both worlds – urban living and a suburban home. The eco tower also comes with solar panels, wind turbines, and water recollection and purification systems. Community open space, playgrounds and recreational areas are also distributed throughout the complex.

Via eVolo