Polish architects Zalewski Architecture Group have designed a lush spiraling walkway that spruces up the concrete courtyard outside of their offices in Gliwice, Poland. Suspended from the surrounding buildings, the “Walk-on” balcony is an elevated grassy walkway that allows employees to take a surreal break from the confines of their cubicles. The grassy walkway design spirals out of a third floor window of Zalewski’s offices, providing a green escape from office life without having to leave the third floor.

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When looking out of their office windows on a particularly grey day, the architects at the Zalewski Group were inspired to add some greenery to their view of the courtyard. The group decided to create a sculptural and functional piece that would transform the courtyard into an event space that neighboring businesses could also use.

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The Walk-on balcony furls out of the third floor office, suspended and supported by a series of cables. The path itself is only 80 centimeters wide, in order to not block sunlight filtering into the courtyard and other windows. The top of the spiral is covered in a thick carpet of moss that echoes the greenery in the courtyard below. The underside is made from polished metal, which reflects the surroundings and makes the pathway seem less obtrusive when looking up.

+ Zalewski Architecture Group

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