The design for Malmo’s New Fair and Exhibition Center was recently decided upon in a juried competition, and the winner is Erik Giudice Architects for their proposal featuring the sprawling green roof pictured above. Malmo’s exhibition center will become part of a mixed-use development area in Hyllie,  and will also include additional housing, office, park and commercial space. One of Sweden’s largest green roofs will come out of the new project, plus the building will meet up with the city of Malmo’s global environmental strategy.

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Malmo’s New Fair and Exhibition Center will be located in the neighborhood of the Malmo Arena and will soon have a connection via railway to Malmo as well as to Copenhagen. The new center includes 19,000 sq meters of exhibition halls, conference rooms, a restaurant, offices, commercial and support spaces and could be expanded by another 5,000 sq meters if deemed necessary. Erik Giudice Architects also offered insight into how to integrate surrounding housing, office, and public park space into the project.

The new center’s roof will be completely covered in vegetation, which will give the project one of the largest green roofs in Sweden. A dynamic streetscape emerges from the building’s facade and the efficiently designed interior will allow it to be used for many events. The project was also designed to have a high ecological profile, which meets up with the city of Malmo’s global environmental strategy.

Via World Architecture News