Famous piano maker Steinway & Sons is giving its massive parking lot a lush green facelift with the help of non-profit New York Restoration Project (NYRP). The 53,500-square-foot concrete lot will be retrofitted with storm water capturing systems, such as bioswales, to help absorb up to 404,000 gallons of water annually. According to DNAinfo, NYRP hopes that the project will help convince other property owners to swap out their paved lots with greener, more sustainable spaces.

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Designed by landscape architecture firm Quennell Rothschild and Partners, the new parking lot will feature dozens of new shade trees, 340 feet of bioswales, 1,000 new plants and an irrigation system that recycles collected rainwater. By absorbing the rainwater, the porous surfaces will help reduce strain on the city’s sewer systems, thus reducing the risk of overflows.

The new green parking lot is part of a greater citywide challenge to inspire private property owners to get on board with similar sustainable measures. Steinway & Sons, which had already installed rooftop solar panels on its Queens factory in 2008, was an eager participant. The project is slated for completion in the next few weeks.

Via DNAinfo

Images via New York Restoration Project