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We’re not real estate brokers, so we’ll skip the euphemisms; there’s no denying that the Delta’s studio is small. However, calling the micro apartment “light-filled,” “conveniently-located” and “beautifully-appointed” would not be inaccurate. Despite its diminutive size, the interior of the studio studio was bright, airy and didn’t feel cramped. In addition to the large windows, touches like glass tiles, recycled concrete floors and stainless steel finishes make the space feel modern and a mottled seaglass-like bathroom door gives the illusion of more space beyond the room when there really is none (aside from the toilet, that is).

So how is one supposed to sleep, eat, and go through the motions of life in just one, undivided 345 sq. ft. space? Well, Voltaic Solaire, the developers behind the building, clearly put a lot of thought into the layout of the apartment, and essentially packed three different rooms – a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen – into one. Masquerading as a floor-length mirror by day, a murphy bed comes out of the wall easily at night to provide a place to rest and the dining table similarly folds up and down to provide a place for two people to grab lunch. Voltaic Solaire also made use of the awkward leftover space above the staircase that leads up to the apartment by turning it into an open closet and cabinets. While touring the space, this writer couldn’t help but think that only the most loving of couples would be able to survive living here together, but for a single person, it actually seemed like ample room – especially when you consider that you might actually only spend a few waking hours in there anyway.

Interested to see if you could live in a micro apartment like this one? The great thing about the Delta’s studio is that it’ll be renting by the day starting next month, so you’ll be able to experience it for yourself without the commitment of a monthly lease and just $150-200 out of your pocket.

+ Voltaic Solaire

Photos © Yuka Yoneda