Steven Haulenbeek used simple materials and construction techniques to build this stripped down, efficient LED lamp. The humorously titled Apoc lamp “can be deconstructed and turned into a small kindling fire at a moments notice. Just large enough to cook a rat,” but also, more sincerely, draws on the long tradition of tool-making and industrial inventions connected to the city of Chicago over the last century. Available for purchase in the desk and floor versions, the lamp will be part of the Chicagoland exhibit at Wanted Design.

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The lamp is sold in a small tube and assembled by the user by fitting the notched parts together. A strip of etched lexan embedded within the lamp head diffuses the warm-white light of the LED’s. The assembly of the lamp doesn’t require any tools. In the long run, the idea would be to provide each purchaser with an assembly kit, with variation in wood type and finish which would allow for the customization of the design.

Chicagoland will be exhibiting at 269 11th Avenue in New York as part of this year’s Wanted Design event. It will feature pieces by several Chicago-based designers, ranging from small objects to dining tables and benches.

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