Artist Peter Coffin is making bees into art. Opening this spring at the Storm King Art Center, the artist’s piece “Untitled (Bees Making Honey)” will bring a network of bees to the beautiful grounds of the park. An in house beekeeper will be on hand to give honey samples to visitors of the sculpture park in the Hudson Valley.

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Set amidst the lush greenery of the park, Coffin’s installation will bring a full scale apiary to the garden grounds. As part of the work, Coffin is hiring a professional beekeeper to stand guard, as well as tend to the bees and monitor their production of honey. The beekeeper will also explain the role of the sun in the bees’ production of honey to visitors, as well as give out samples of the Storm King honey and honeycomb.

Coffin’s apiary will join works by artists such as Roni Horn, Anish Kapoor, and Anthony McCall in a large scale exhibition called “Light and Landscape,” which opens on May 12th. The park typically shows over sized sculpture by artists past and present. Coffin’s innovative “Untitled (Bees Making Honey)” is not only an artwork, but also adds to the natural ecosystem of the park, which is set on 500 acres of landscaped fields, hills and woodlands. Coffin’s piece will interact with the art center, as his bees thrive on its plants and flowers.

Just an hour away, the Storm King Art Center in the Hudson Valley is a great day trip from New York, to enjoy both art and the great outdoors. The park opens for the season April 4th, and Coffin’s “Untitled (Bees Making Honey)” opens May 12th.

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