Switzerland-based Stromer just launched their new ST1 pedal-assisted electric bike for the US market. These superbly engineered e-bikes feature a seamlessly integrated battery located inside the frame and an onboard interface the size of an iPod Nano which shows an abundance of information including battery charge, energy consumption rates, average speed, as well as the distance and duration of rides.

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Stromer’s ST1 Elite has a 522 Wh battery that has a touring range of up to 100 km and an output motor that can reach a top speed of 33 mph. It is equipped with hydraulic brakes adapted for higher speeds and weight. Light carbon forks minimize impacts and vibrations for a smoother ride. The bike is now available statewide at Stromer dealers and sell for around $3,500.

To celebrate its arrival in the States the company is giving away one of their ST1 Elite models. To find out more visit Stromer’s site.

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