At one time, we were all so eager to stay connected to everything at every moment, but now, architects are fielding demands to create quiet refuges where people can escape the noise. Case in point is the gorgeous House of Silence designed by Ecuadorian firm Natura Futura Arquitectura. Located just out of Quevedo, this unique home has a massive central courtyard that acts as a serene meditation space for a family looking to block out the noise.

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single-story home with large courtyard

Located in Quevedo, a province of Los Ríos, Ecuador, the House of Silence was designed for an elderly man who wanted a home where his family could come together to escape the city and a space where his grandchildren could run and play freely throughout the interior and exterior.

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single-story home with patio

pool under a wood roof with a skylight

The 1,000-square-foot house creates a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Two rectangular volumes house the main living area on one side and the private areas on the other. The interior spaces are connected by a large interior courtyard. This central garden, which opens up to an expansive landscape, is at the heart of the design.

wooden home with courtyard and large skylight

patio with views of green landscape

The serene space includes a wraparound walkway with a pair of hanging hammocks looking out onto a small garden area. Leading farther out toward the landscape, a concrete platform floats over a shallow pool, a strategic feature meant to bring the inhabitants closer to nature. With an opening above, natural light floods the entire space, creating a flexible area that can be used for either quiet meditation or family gatherings.

a pair of hammocks hanging in front of a small garden

an indoor space with large glass facades and a white sofa

Additionally, this open area has its practical, energy-efficient uses as well. According to the architects, the green-filled space was designed to provide a “bioclimatic effectiveness” that naturally cools the interior living spaces during the summertime and warms them during the winter months.

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single-story home with large courtyard at night