At first glance, these modern chairs by Spinnaker are stylish and comfy-looking – but turn them around and you’ll see what really makes them special. Each one is backed with recycled sail cloth, lending it a nautical vibe while at the same time making use of material that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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Spinnaker chairs feature frames made from spring steel (a material that is largely recycled and recyclable). Aside from adding sophistication to the chair, the frame’s easy curvature allows for optimal blood circulation. According to the company, the health-boosting shape of their chair is “something that other manufacturers are unable to accomplish since Spinnaker uses a special technology to bend the steel twice to achieve the unique curvature.”

In addition to the chair’s health benefits and use of recycled materials, Spinnaker also encourages customers to interactively design and personalize their own chairs, which is quite eco-friendly since custom made furniture means that the producer can avoid over-manufacturing and energy use.

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