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The stunning building is a showcase for the Ballande group, highlighting their fine wine in an appropriate casing. The storage unit rises in thick white concrete, appearing like a solid volume during the day. A small moat filled with water surrounds the front of the building, which during the day reflects the sky and perimeter of trees.

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At night, the building’s true nature is revealed. A grid work of LED lights is installed along the façade in a pattern reminiscent of a starry sky. When night falls, the LED lights are activated, creating a glittering effect. The twinkling lights are reflected in the surrounding pool, adding to the building’s drama.

The building is especially magical when driving up to the property, as the landscape’s natural pines are positioned in a natural frame for the light show. Mist and fog are also common in the region of Medoc, which creates a surreal haze when the LEDs are illuminated.

In contrast to the luminous exterior, the interior is lined with black cork, which not only creates a counterpoint, but also provides insulation.

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