This incredible Sun Valley is one of a six giant funnel-shaped canopies that are currently springing up in Shanghai in preparation for the 2010 World Expo. When they are all completed they won’t just be a pretty sight – the towering LED-studded structures will also collect rain water and act as massive sun collectors that filter daylight to the causeway and levels below.

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70 million visitors are expected to attend the upcoming World Expo in Shanghai next May to view the myriad of dazzling, green-themed international pavilions that will be on display. Construction on these eye-catching Sun Valleys is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and the main cone has has already been lit up at night to the bedazzlement of city residents.

The Sun Valleys will serve as hubs for the event and will cover the Expo Boulevard, a multilevel 1 km walkway that is the largest piece of real estate for the festival. Each of the six cone-shaped valleys stands 40 meters tall, and is constructed from steel and plastic. The sun valleys will funnel daylight to the levels below, and will also be used to collect rainwater, which will then be filtered and used throughout the grounds for irrigation purposes. The giant membranes will also shade the walkway below to help moderate the temperature for visitors.

Via World Architecture News and China Daily

Photos from People’s Daily Online