Artist Susanna Bauer carefully spins webs over stones, pieces of drift wood, and the edges of leaves. Detailed and delicate, her creations made from yarn and organic objects seamlessly form a union between the works of nature and human hands. Her painstakingly crafted embellishments pay tribute to the environment and traditional craft.

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Artist Susanna Bauer began her explorations with textiles and natural objects alongside her career in the film and television industry. Having fabricated everything from cheeses for Wallace & Gromit, King Arthur’s Chalice, and miniature robots and space ships, her crochet and embroidery became more abstract expressions of her broad knowledge of materials.

Says Bauer of her work, “I like giving time to the inconspicuous things that surround us and often go unnoticed, paying attention to small details and the tactile quality of objects. Appropriating traditional craft techniques like weaving and crochet as a means of sculpture brings a contemplative element to the development of my work. I am interested in unusual combinations of materials, the experimentation with fragility and strength and the individual stories that evolve and shape themselves in the process of making.”

Adorning leaves, twigs, and stones with lacy patterns of yarn, her decorations play with texture and geometry. Melding textiles with elements of the landscape, her pieces look deceptively simple despite their complex stitches and carefully planned designs. Her work can currently be seen at The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society from November 13-19.

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