Sustain Design Studio’s newest prefab home, the 12×36 TRIO, recently landed in Brighton, Ontario. With its butterfly roof and passive solar design, the California Edition of the Trio is energy-efficient, has a small environmental footprint, and it is available at an affordable price.

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The TRIO brings a lot for its small size of 436 sq feet. Inside you get 10 foot ceilings, a master bedroom, kitchen, living space and bathroom. This 12×36 California Edition starts at $134,900, and it can be expanded with other modules up to 1,100 sq feet.

Designed for passive ventilation and cooling with operable windows on the east and west as well as southern facing windows to help bring in heat, this little home has energy efficiency at heart. The home also includes a tankless hot water system, energy efficient lighting and an integrated HVAC system to reduce the energy load where possible. FSC-certified woods and formaldehyde-free finishings make for a green and non-toxic interior. Additionally, the home is wired for easy installation of a wind or solar system, which could make it off-grid capable.

Sustain Design Studio debuted the design for the new miniHome last year at Dwell on Design in LA, and we’re thrilled to see the finished project. The Canadian-based firm is also responsible for the SOLO miniHome prefab, which unfortunately is no longer in production.

Via Jetson Green