TomDavid Architecten recently unveiled plans for a soaring leaf-shaped canopy that would transform a market square in Casablanca, Morocco. Developed for the [AC-CA] Competition, the design consists of structures made from concrete that would provide much-needed shade from the scorching sun. The enormous petal-shaped structures would also collect rainwater and channel it into underground tanks for future use.

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TomDavid Architecten‘s Casablanca pavilion would store and recycle rainwater for use in public toilets, while trash disposal chutes would be hidden between the towering columns to direct litter underground into bins. The award-winning project also incorporates an elevated plaza and an underground level which the Dutch studio says will provide infrastructure for the existing legal and illegal markets that operate in the neighboring streets.

+ TomDavid Architecten

+ [AC-CA] Competition

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Images courtesy of TomDavid Architecten