With sizzling summer days now just around the corner, it is nice to know that there are some cool green alternatives to standard summer footwear and the ubiquitous beach sandal. Terra Plana has a great new collection of spring and summer offerings that not only will lighten your carbon footprint, but also let you ‘go barefoot’ with the protection and support of their eco friendly designs. Following on the ingenuity of last year’s Dopie, the new Vivo Barefoot is the next generation of sustainable, back-to-basics shoe design. Add to this a true medley of green materials, and you have a winning combo for the coolest shoes on tap.

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With their revolutionary lightweight, flexible and ultra-thin recycled sole, the Vivo Barefoot shoe is already in high–demand globally and sold out until July in the US! Do not fret, though, Terra Plana (‘Flat Land’) has plenty of other hipster models available made from chrome free leathers, vegetable tanned leathers, pure latex soling materials, and sustainable materials recycled from car seats, seatbelts, bicycle tires, parachute silk, and tweed jackets – to name a few. (Look for an ingredients label on each product for details on what rubbish went into making it!) Terra Plana also uses E-leather – “An eco revolutionary leather by-product. E-leather is a unique blend of leather and textile fibers intimately ‘re-woven’ and finished so it is practically indistinguishable from good quality leather. E-Leather is produced with closed loop water usage and best practice pollution prevention methods.”

It’s great to see Terra Plana build on the success of the Worn Again line, as their sculpted creations and unique palette of designs and materials continue to define the new topography of sustainable style while proving impressively profitable and green.

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