Talk about personalizing your space: architect Moon Hoon designed a residential tower with a swirling facade modeled after the owner’s fingerprint. The strange-looking structure is slated for construction in Seoul and will house a residence for a South Korean actor. The building’s lower floors accommodate studio spaces, while the ground floor would be used as a car park.

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The client wanted Hoon to design a curved structure that would have a unique appearance. They settled on a scheme that featured a facade looking like a three-dimensional version of the client’s fingerprint. “The client wished for a unique tower with some curves. We provided various schemes and the one with the client’s fingerprint as a facade and structure won his heart.”

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“The project aims at providing a dynamic house with a roof garden and studios with high ceilings with bare interiors so that new tenants can design it for themselves,” explained Hoon. Using hybrid construction methods, the tower will be built as a double-skin building with the fingerprint finish acting as screens for the curtain wall.

+ Moon Hoon

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