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The epic pumpkin that Villafane began carving on Saturday was joined by a fleet of other over-sized squash from around the country – each weighing over a 1,000 pounds! The incredible gigantic squash were also accompanied by a collection of extra-long gourds and exquisite examples of colorful fruits to set the stage for the pumpkin master’s gruesome carving event. Hacking away at the enormous light orange pumpkin, the crew emptied out the guts and seeds by the time visitors arrived Saturday afternoon.

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With his team, Villafane set to work to transform the soft fibers of the chosen pumpkin into a gruesome zombie, poised as if clawing its way out of the carved pumpkin mess. Reaching a hand toward the audience, the pumpkin zombie looked as if about to snatch up an errant smaller pumpkin that was in its way. Other limbs and hands carved from pumpkin parts peppered the scene, each carved in exacting detail by Villafane or one of his artisans.

Stationed around the massive zombie were smaller pumpkins that the crew carved into faces, revealing their techniques to the festive crowd. Villafane even conducted a pumpkin carving class for those wishing to try their own hand at the savory squash.

Villafane and his crew were once again successful this year, delighting crowds with their transformation of another award winning pumpkin into a fantastically gory Halloween scene. The zombie pumpkins will be on display until Halloween night!

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