Two Lisbon-based entrepreneurs have devised a way to build a new bike from discarded car parts – and they’re planning to ride it the same number of miles that the original vehicle drove to compensate for its air-polluting past. The initiative is called the Carma Project, and it was organized by Leo Burnett Lisbon and B-Bicycle Culture Magazine to raise awareness and provoke constructive debate about urban mobility and alternative modes of transportation.

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The founders of Rcicla Bicletas, Vitor and Kiko, payed a visit to the junkyard and salvaged metal pieces and rooftop upholstery from a retired Mercedes to build the structure and the seat. They also used car door handles, engine sprockets and light reflectors for bicycle details. The team soon received support from Geraldo Cirineu, the creator of the brand Rasto, who combined the rooftop fabric with old leather upholstery to design new bike seats.

The Carma Project plants to lend out the recycled cycle in a bike sharing program so that other riders can help cover the same mileage – 99,275 miles – as the original car. In addition, as part of the campaign, people will be able to download a unique typeface inspired by the bicycle for free.

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