At Inhabitat, we’re big fans of architects that take cues from nature, so we were stoked when we spied these bubbly, cocoon inspired homes over at ArchDaily. Designed by Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou, the EC* Cocoon is a prefabricated, low-energy residence that is installed on walls made from locally gathered stones. Aside from the lofty design of the EC* Cocoon (who wouldn’t want to live in one of these curvaceous babies?), the home features a ton of eco-tech like solar panels, off-site wind turbines, and lush modular green roof panels.

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Using timber beams and stones found in the area of the build site (minimizing transportation cost and fuel usage), the EC* Cocoon is constructed in a double geodesic manner. The resulting long-span form minimizes the exterior surface area as well as heat loss. In addition to a soft photo-voltaic membrane that lines the roof, the house uses solar panels to heat its hot water. The rounded and partially-glass roof allows natural light to flood the inside of the home and allows for ventilation. A heat exchanger on the roof filters air in the home.

There is also a “thermic curtain” on the exterior of the home which is described as “a type of space blanket that keeps the heat in winter nights and protects the house from the sunlight in the summer afternoons.” Modular green roof panels on the North side of the residence which can be easily switched out add a pop of color and more natural cooling.

+ Cyril-Emmanuel Issanchou

Via ArchDaily