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The new Ego Sport Center by Ferrer Arquitectos is a partial renovation of the pre-existing Ismael Moratón Sports Complex. This facility used to house an indoor and outdoor pool used for the Mediterranean Games. The indoor pool was retained and the rest was demolished to make way for a new recreational facility that includes cardio equipment, a work out room, a cafe, a shop, and rooftop sports courts. The new L-shaped building is a two-story volume that sits at the corner of Avenida del Cabo de Gata and Calle Angel Jover. A cutout section at the corner marks the covered entrance to the facility.

The previous facility spent a lot of money on energy use, so Ferrer Arquitectos designed the new center to be more efficient and make use of solar power for hot water heating. The roof of the existing swimming pool is now covered in a solar thermal panels, which provide 80% of the hot water needed for the both the pools and the showers. Looped lines provide hot water instantly and help reduce water usage. Daylighting is used extensively inside the facility to minimize the need for artificial lighting, while recessed windows minimize heat gain. The white concrete facade and heavy insulation help reduce the need for air conditioning by 30%. The new gym’s careful design minimizes operational costs, while creating a public space for people to enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Images ©David Frutos