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Xero Flor added greenery to the 21st floor east, 21st floor west, 25th floor northwest and the 30th floor west of the Empire State Building. Tenants on the 21st floor can enjoy their own personal sky garden and utilize the patio furniture to take lunch breaks with breathtaking views.

All of the green roofs function as stormwater run-off filters, helping to naturally cleanse rain before it makes it way to New York’s waterways. The variety of plants also filter dust and pollutants, help absorb solar gain, and reduce greenhouse gases. The Xero Flor system is made up of pre-vegetated mats that are rolled out and joined together, creating a green carpet. The mats use succulents, ferns and other greens that can be maintained in New York’s climate.

The green roof installation is part of the Empire State Building’s new investments in energy-efficiency upgrades that will including retrofitting, improving public areas and infrastructure upgrades. Adding green roofs to the New York icon sends a green message, and hopefully will inspire other buildings in the city to transform their roofs into their own sustainable garden oases in the sky.

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