We just caught wind of a beautiful new prefab that takes an innovative approach towards its own structural life-cycle. The Canada based Énóvo House features a sleek modular assembly that’s designed to evolve as the needs of its inhabitants change. Its elegant, angular structure makes excellent use of materials to maximize square footage, and its versatile design is able to adapt to any type of terrain and any climate condition.

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The Énóvo house packs an exceptional array of green building strategies into an eminently configurable prefab that prides itself upon it ability to integrate with its environment. According to the website “Énóvo is an intelligent house that breathes comfort by perfectly molding itself to the desires of its owner. With its ready-to-assemble modular structures the house not only respectfully melts into its environment but also adapts to the lifestyle, the needs and the evolution of those living in it.”

The prefab is composed of locally sourced, environmentally friendly materials and is meticulously constructed to eliminate on-site waste. It’s topped with a thriving green roof that provides excellent insulation against heat and cold while serving as a rainwater recycling and filtration system.

Inside, glazed panoramic windows surround an interior courtyard to provide ample day lighting. Solar shades help with climate control, and passive heating is provided via radiant flooring. Removable wall panels provide a plethora of material and color options, and the home’s modular construction makes upgrades and renovations a snap.

The Énóvo website states that its name stems “from the Cheyenne language and signifies ‘’your home’: in homage to the Amerindian peoples’ profound respect for nature.” Construction is currently in progress due north of Montreal, and we can’t wait to see the finished product.

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