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The prototype Amphibious Clinic is manned by a team of healthcare professionals, headed by Dr. Simeon Afolayan. With support by partners AFH Atlanta and Yaba Local Government Development Authority in Lagos, the floating clinic has already provided 22 free surgeries to locals in need.

The clinic itself is made up of three corrugated metal modules that join together to make one long structure. The modules make the clinic easy to disassemble and reassemble just about anywhere, before being launched at a docking point. Local materials are used, as well as local labor; the construction provided employment to a few dozen local youths, also teaching them building skills.

Inside, the clinic is lit with LED lights donated by RedBirdLED, and it is powered by a rooftop photovoltaic system. Skylights and windows provide ample natural lighting and ventilation, keeping energy usage low. Rain water collection also helps to keep the environmental impact low, as does an on-board composting toilet.

The clinic prototype cost just $15,000 USD to build. Hopefully the low price tag will prompt others to build similar floating clinics in areas of need around the world.

+ Hope Floats Initiative

Via Open Architecture Network