The New York International Auto Show is coming up, and the incredible prototypes are out in full force. First in line is EV Innovations, who will be showing off their gorgeous fully-electric Liv Inizio supercar. The vehicle has a scorching top speed of 150mph and a 200 hundred mile range, which places it in direct competition with the Tesla Roadster.

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EV Innovations is a company that started off developing and marketing lithium batteries and went on to develop energy storage solutions for everything from scooters to houses. Thankfully they have finally come around to car design and seem to have found their niche in the Liv Inizio.

The vehicle is expected to perform similar to that of the roadster – it will have a maximum speed of 150mph, will go from 0-60 in 5 seconds, and will be able to travel for 200 miles between charges. The vehicle is currently at the prototype stage, and it will be official unveiled at the New York Motor Show.

While the date for release is still a bit sketchy, the first vehicle already has an owner – it was sold for $100,000 at a Sam’s Club.

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Via Reuters