We get all revved up whenever we hear new developments on the fabulously sexy electric Tesla Roadster. We were floored when we caught our first glimpse of this ultra-sleek sports car, and beside ourselves when this amazing electric vehicle started into production. You can be sure that the latest news announcing that Tesla has just opened its first dealership in Los Angeles has got our green vehicle radar on overdrive. Built close to the 405 freeway (11163 Santa Monica Blvd. for those of you living in Los Angeles), the Tesla Store is the first of five stores currently planned to open up in the United States.

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We might be a tad bit obsessed with the Tesla Roadster, but what can we say, green roadsters are cool. The pilot store is the first step in what we are sure will end up being the overall world domination by electric vehicles, of all shapes and sizes. We would hope, however, that most REVs perform as well, and look as distinctly cool, as the Roadster.

Tesla production is still ramping up to meet their current demand (with about a year and a half waiting list), so don’t expect to be able to walk into the store and buy one on the spot. But, if you do happen to visit the new LA store you’ll at least be able to see one in person. And, there’s always the dream of the test drive.