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The $1 million Kantana Institute in Kakhonprathom province was dedicated to Thailand’s master of drama Pradit Kaljareuk. It is a one story facility separated into five sections, namely an administrative area, lecture rooms, a workshop, a library and an open air canteen. The workshop is a reflective, dark space that encourages creativity whereas skylights bring plenty of daylight into the reading area.

But the most striking aspect of this ambitious project must be the beautiful brickwork. Not only does the jagged wall frame a lush green garden for students, with corridors that create a sort of labyrinth, but it acts as a stout defense against crazy tropical weather. Even so, large cutouts in the 8 meter tall walls provide just enough natural light and ventilation so that the film school feels like a bright and airy facility that harnesses creativity instead of an imposing compound.

Asst. Prof. Boonserm Premthada of Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University won the grand prize from the ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture 2011 for his design of the Kantana Institute.

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