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“The idea was born out of a personal need to counteract the confinements of a conventional home with one simple and multifunctional design that will cover several different needs,” as Till Könneker explains. “The ‘Living Cube’ can be adjusted to anybody’s personal needs.” The Living Cube brings six important pieces of furniture into one functional space that can transform your home. Included in the design is space for a TV (42″/107 cm flat panel screen), shelves for books, shelves for shoes, clothing racks and coat hooks, a bed and then an internal room for more storage.

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The box provides essential storage space, but works as a more useful component to your home than just shelving. Living Cubes are made using sustainable, earth friendly construction and are currently made to order in Switzerland by Remo Zimmerli, but soon will also be made in Chicago. The units are delivered in parts that are then assembled in situ, which also makes it easy to take apart and travel with if you ever move.

Clients can choose from two standard sizes – the Mini or Urban, or have one custom designed and built for their specific space and needs. Shown here in black, the Living Cube can also be finished in a natural oil-rubbed wood or white. Upgrades include bed rails, USB charging ports, lights, mattresses and even customizing the internal space into an office space.

Images ©Rob Lewis