The Metromorph concept car from designer Roman Mistiuk solves several sustainable transportation problems all at once in a really creative way. Get this – the unique concept car doubles as an elevator to quickly transport you from the street to your high-rise apartment, but it also parks itself to double as your balcony when it gets there! That wall-climbing function takes the car off the street, clears up the issue of limited urban parking, and creates an extra efficient living space as well. Now you don’t have to schlep groceries on the subway, or even drag them from your car to your apartment. Anything you place in your car while out and about will be conveniently and safely stored on your balcony when you get home.

We imagine larger families would have more than one vehicle hooked up to their apartments to ensure no one gets stuck at home when the car is away. The video illustrates how the vehicle detaches itself from an apartment and navigates its way to street level and through a city. It isn’t the best animation we’ve seen, but it clearly illustrates new ideas about the way cars could serve us in a sustainable and urban future. What do you think of the Metromorph concept? Is it far out, or is it in our sustainable transportation future? Check out our gallery for more pics. We especially love the rendering of the car with doors open, folded over the body like insect wings.

+ Roman Mistiuk

Via Automotto