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Originally, the land where Bayfront Park sits was home to the Everglades. Dredged to create a port and real estate opportunities, the area is now home to host of human landmarks. Bringing a sense of nature and wonder back to the landscape, Visiondivision proposes a solar-powered half-sphere hotel that includes a water park and casino on the lower levels, and an observation deck on its upper floors. The building will be able to be reached by boat, giving the hotel a sense of exclusivity.

The massive glass shell will be covered with solar panels, generating enough electricity to power the structure and make it energy independent. The panels will be able to absorb visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light. Surplus electricity will run stripes of monofrequency lights integrated on each floor that will create a glow around the hotel and provide a striking vision at dusk and dawn.

The water park will feature wading pools and sand brought in from beaches around the Caribbean. The water will be able to be drained in order to accommodate music festivals or other large events. Not a design to melt into the atmosphere, the Miami Sun building radiates with an energy that reflects the tropical climate.

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