So we all know that eggs are incredible and edible, but trucking them thousands of miles to get to your local supermarket definitely doesn’t make them very sustainable. Enter the Nogg – a beautifully designed egg-shaped pad that lets you house a chicken in your very own backyard. Not only does this funtional and lovely wooden sculpture add an elegant curiosity to your garden, but it also means that you can have omelettes in the morning without worrying about how much fuel was used getting them to your house.

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Spotted over at this year’s London Design Festival, Nogg is engineered and handcrafted in the UK from strong cedar wood, which is naturally antibacterial and odor curbing. Aside from being eggceptionally good-looking, the prefab hen house has stainless steel trimming and the elevated glass dome, giving it a modern aesthetic. The glass top also twists and lifts for ample ventilation to make sure that your feathered friend stays nice and cool.

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