With about 22 days to go until the start of the Shanghai World Expo, some of the amazing pavilions are already complete, while others are rushing to finish. The Shanghai Corporate Pavilion is almost done and here are the pictures to show its current status. We were really impressed last year when we learned that the pavilion would be constructed from recycled CD jewel cases transformed into thousands of polycarbonate tubes lit up with LED lights. And the results are looking phenomenal!

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Designed by Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, the pavilion will be a dazzling display of multi-colored LED lights at night. The exterior appearance can change on a whim due to its computer controlled programming. The exterior, which is composed of reclaimed plastic tubes can be recycled again at the end of the building’s life, which is great considering that many of the pavilions are not permanent.

On top of the roof, a 1,600 sq meter solar thermal energy system will heat water to 35 deg C with heat collecting tubes. The hot water will then be used to generate electricity with ultra-low temperature power generation. Plus collected and filtered rainwater will be misted at the entrances of the building to give it a dream like feel as well as lower the temperature to create a more comfortable climate for the visitors. It’s almost done and we can’t wait to see the final result in all its glory next month.

+ 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Via Designboom